Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Best Digital Refractor / Automated Phoropter

New Ezer EDR-9000 Digital Refractor features a high-resolution touch-screen LCD providing optometrist functionality, convenience, and fast measurements.

Ezer's recently re-engineered EDR-9000 digital refractor offers more features than you thought were possible—all in one incredible package designed to network with a complete digital practice platform. You'll be amazed by the full range of built-in tests, routines and units. Better still, they're fully customizable. You're not the only one who will be impressed by the EDR-9000. Patients will see the difference too. The EDR-9000 allows you to directly experience and compare objective test results and subjective test result obtained from EDR-9000. You will truly achieve speed without sacrificing precision and personal touch. No detail was neglected in the development of the EDR-9000, right down to its quiet motors, quick reboot, and slim compact design that eliminates any potential tunnel vision effect that some patients perceive with deeper optical heads. With it's elegant keypad, 8" LCD touch panel with tilt and screen reversal, a built-in printer and more, you can't go wrong when selecting this high-end unit.

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