Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Ezer EZ-OPH-3600 Direct Ophthalmoscope

New The Ezer EZ-OPH-3600 Direct Ophthalmoscope combines coaxial optics for undilated pupils, 68 lenses, and 18 unique aperture / filter combinations for greater versatility!

Ezer best-of-breed Direct Ophthalmoscope comes with a coaxial optical system which directs the axis of the light to coincide with the axis of the vision into the retina thus eliminating possible shadows and facilitating the examination process no matter the size of pupil or vitreous disorders. The interior anatomy of the eye and fundus can be examined clearly and accurately. This Ophthalmoscope is available in two versions -- Halogen or LED bulb.

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Best Digital Refractor / Automated Phoropter

New Ezer EDR-9000 Digital Refractor features a high-resolution touch-screen LCD providing optometrist functionality, convenience, and fast measurements.

Ezer's recently re-engineered EDR-9000 digital refractor offers more features than you thought were possible—all in one incredible package designed to network with a complete digital practice platform. You'll be amazed by the full range of built-in tests, routines and units. Better still, they're fully customizable. You're not the only one who will be impressed by the EDR-9000. Patients will see the difference too. The EDR-9000 allows you to directly experience and compare objective test results and subjective test result obtained from EDR-9000. You will truly achieve speed without sacrificing precision and personal touch. No detail was neglected in the development of the EDR-9000, right down to its quiet motors, quick reboot, and slim compact design that eliminates any potential tunnel vision effect that some patients perceive with deeper optical heads. With it's elegant keypad, 8" LCD touch panel with tilt and screen reversal, a built-in printer and more, you can't go wrong when selecting this high-end unit.

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The tale of an Ophthalmic Ultrasonic A/B Scanner

New Ezer EUS-2600 is a cost-effective portable Ophthalmic Ultrasonic A/B Scanner with amazing features.

The Ezer Ophthalmic Ultrasound EUS-2600 was designed with eye care professionals in mind. It provides a single solution for ophthalmic diagnostic by combining an A-Scan, B-Scan in one, easy-to-use platform. The EUS-2600 is a single solution for all ophthalmic ultrasound imaging at an affordable price. Is our new portable A/B scanner with optional 20MHz B probe. It can be operated with the touch screen, or keyboard and mouse set. Patient records can be saved inside, printed with any printer, or transferred via USB cable.

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New Ezer EZ-Horus 45 Auto Focus Camera

New Ezer EZ-Horus 45 Auto Focus Camera allows a comprehensive Fundus Screening with impressive crisp clear 5 Megapixel resolution images. Alongside the Non Mydriatic EZ-Horus Lens 45° it makes fundus photography faster, easier, and convenient.

Fundus Screening has never been easier or more convenient than with the new Ezer EZ-Horus Auto Focus Camera. The unit’s unique, lightweight design delivers impressive crisp, clear images with 5M pixel resolution. Both still images and videos are captured with the touch of a button and displayed on a lightweight, 3.5” full color LCD display with touchscreen capabilities. Users will appreciate the 45-degree field of view that’s possible with the EZ-Horus Auto Camera as well as the MPOD analysis capabilities. This camera also allows you to easily transfer the images to a laptop, PC, or to the Internet for telemedicine and comanagement purposes. It’s even Wi-Fi compatible. Excellent quality and outstanding value set this digital fundus scope apart, making it a smart choice in virtually any setting. The 45-degree field of view will allow perfect interpretation and report meeting all your needs.

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The Ezer ESL-9000C Slit Lamp Microscope

Ezer ESL-9000C Slit Lamp Microscope Single Lens Reflex is the professional image collecting medium for the ophthalmic shooting with sensitive capture of light and color and the complete adjusting functions.

With Ezer’s ESL-9000C, you not only get an advanced Galilean converging optical system with outstanding magnification and field of view; you also will enjoy the countless benefits of outstanding image capture with Canon’s 18 megapixel 450D SLR camera (camera sold separately). The imaging unit easily and seamlessly attaches to this high-end slit lamp microscope. You’ll enjoy real-time dynamic display on the camera’s 3-inch LCD under perfect lighting that you can precisely control. Designed in the traditional tower style configuration, the ESL-9000C offers a five-step revolving drum that allows for an easier exchange of the magnification levels than exchanging an eyepiece. Using the unit’s Accessories Mount, the ESL-9000C can be equipped with a Goldman applanation tonometer as well as several other accessories. The ESL-9000C also comes equipped with two reflecting mirrors, four built in filters, two fixation targets and a Hruby Lens Kit. If you’re looking for more in a slit lamp, look no further than the well-equipped ESL-9000C.

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Introducing the Ezer ERK-9000 Autorefractor Keratometer

Ezer ERK-9000 Autorefractor Keratometer ensures a more precise, faster and better diagnostic without the price.

Quickly and accurately gather reliable pre-testing data with the cutting-edge ERK-9000 Autorefractor / Keratometer. Enjoy the flexibility of Bluetooth and remote connectivity with the entire Ezer Digital Practice line. Ezer digital practice platforms make it possible to perform a full digital vision exam, from pretest to Rx. The ERK-9000 offers your staff the opportunity to gather a wealth of precise information about the patient in one fast and easy test, making the remainder of your exam swift, simple and exact. In addition to the wealth of functions you’d expect from a top-of-the-line Autorefractor / Keratometer, the ERK-9000 features auto-shoot programming, an illumination mode, IOL mode and so much more. Best of all, the ERK-9000 is backed by an industry-leading two-year warranty.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


El estudio de fondo de ojo ha permitido diagnosticar enfermedades o bien comprobar evolución de patologías como la diabetes e hipertensión.

Anteriormente la posibilidad de hacer estudios de fondo de ojo, estaba basados en diferentes equipos que bien siendo costosos y difíciles de manejar, muchas veces no permiten un campo visual muy confortable. Con la Horus de Ezer se busca alcanzar la comodidad, practicidad , excelente calidad de imágenes del fondo del ojo al igual que opciones de transferencia de dichas imágenes y videos, simples para el publico.

El diseño ligero, una pantalla táctil de 3.5 pulgadas y un campo visual de 45°lo hacen un equipo excepcional en términos de comodidad.  Esto permite al profesional utilizar el equipo tanto en el consultorio como en áreas rurales sin tener la preocupación de transportar un equipo voluminoso y pesado. Teniendo una pantalla de 3.5 pulgadas permite al doctor poder agregar datos del paciente, crean anotaciones , examinar el fondo de ojo, y muchas otras opciones con el simple toque de la pantalla. Las opciones para ajustar el foco, la iluminación y con un ángulo de visión de 45° permite tomar imagen o video de 80° de la retina, ayudado así por los 7 puntos de fijación que posee el EZ-Horus 45.

EZ-Horus 45 se convierte en un equipo practico para todo oftalmólogo o optómetra por la razón de que no requiere dilatación del ojo del paciente, al igual que la posibilidad de agregar accesorios que permiten adaptar el Ez-horus 45 a una lámpara de hendidura y también utilizar un pedal para tomar las imágenes.

Este versátil equipo posee un cámara de 5 megapixeles, lo que nos proporciona excelente calidad de imagen y video. Ez-horus 45 también cuanta con un foco automático que simplifica mas aun la toma de imagines o video.

En cuanto a transferir imágenes o video, el EZ-horus maneja la opción de una Mini SD, la cual puede ser utilizada directamente en una computadora. No nada mas  esto nos facilita la conexión a través de mini USB el cual puede ser por medio de la base o directamente siendo conectada a la cámara. De igual modo existe la opcion de sincronizar esta media a través de WiFi por intermedio de un Eye Fi Card a cualquier dispositivo inteligente. Como si esto no fuera suficiente el EZ-Horus también permita hacer Dual-Screening y Live Video Streaming, lo cual permita replicar la pantalla del Horus en un computador, pantalla o monitor. Haciendo el EZ-Horus un equipo excelente para educación tanto del paciente como estudiantil, colaboración por parte de colegas y otras posibilidades.